Material Management

The management of materials is considered at all phases of the construction process and throughout the construction and production periods. This is because poor material management can often affect the overall construction time, quality and budget. It ensures proper planning and controlling of materials to ensure that the right quality and quantity of materials and installed equipments are appropriately specified in a timely manner, obtained at a reasonable cost, and are available when needed.

  • a. Stock Updating

    Procurement process starts with gathering requirements and ends with procuring goods from vendors. Once goods are procured from vendor they need to be placed in company premises in correct place so that they can be consumed when required. This is possible using Buildomax. Get the real time in stock records and requirements.

  • b. Purchase Order

    Purchase orders, the messages sent from buyers to sellers with a request for an order for a product, are contracts binding the buyer and the seller through the product being sold. Purchase orders are generated against requests and they should specify quantities, discounts if any, and prices of the product. Ideally, they are also state payment terms and shipment dates. Purchase orders are important in the construction industry because they are contracts that list the agreement between the buyer and the seller. When a seller accepts a purchase order, a legally bound contract is formed between the two parties. This process is made hassle free using Buildomax. Purchase orders are important to contractors because they serve as concrete, legal expectations for the buyer and instructions for the seller. If a deal goes wrong, it is important to be able to easily find and address the purchase order so that both parties can determine where the request went wrong and whose is at fault.

  • c. Purchase receipt

    On receiving the materials at site, material receipts are generated for recording process. This ensures higher automation level in the entire process.

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